Faculty of Architecture
Naresuan University
A Brief History

  • September, 1995
    The curriculum committee was organized to prepare Bachelor of Architecture Program Curriculum.
  • December, 1995
    The President of Naresuan University submitted a request for Bachelor of Architecture Program.
  • 1996
    Office of the Policy and Higher Education Commission officially endorsed the formation of a new “Bachelor of Architecture Program”, designated in the 7th Higher Education Development Plan (1992 - 1996).
  • 1996
    Department of Architecture was restructured to be under the Faculty of Engineering, Naresuan University.
  • 2001
    Department of Architecture was approved to be the Faculty of Architecture.
  • 2003
    The Department of Arts and Design was approved.

20th Faculty of Architecture
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Education institution on the integration of contemporary art and science for creativity and innovation in sustainability.

To produce highly competent and quality academic works under a strong organization

  • Develop high professional skills, and produce strongly-qualified and ethically-minded graduates.
  • Develop quality management skills in order to deliver effective, efficient and transparent practices through the principles of good governance.
  • Develop excellence in service in architectural education and quality of graduate students both physically and mentally.
  • Develop an Arts and Architectural Design Center for the Lower Northern Region in order to deliver effective, efficient/ excellent and transparent academic and architectural services to serve all personnel and alumni.

Organization structure

  • 1.) Office of the Secretary
    • 1.1) Administration
    • 1.2) Finance and Accounting/ Finance and Procurement
    • 1.3) Educational services
    • 1.4) Policy and planning
    • 1.5) Student affairs and alumni relations
  • 2.) Departments
    • 2.1) Department of Architecture
      • Bachelor of Architecture Program
      • Master of Architecture Program
      • Doctor of Philosophy Program in Architecture
    • 2.2) Department of Arts and Design
      • Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts Program (Product and Package Design)
      • Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts Program (Innovative Media Design)
      • Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts Program (Visual Art Design)
      • Master of Fine and Applied Arts Program (Art and Design)
      • Doctor of Fine and Applied Arts Program in Art and Design
  • 3.) Head of Art and Architecture Design Center
    • 3.1) Administration
    • 3.2) Design Service to the community
    • 3.3) Academic Service

Management Structure of Architecture


Department of Architecture

Department of Art and Design

1. Department of Architecture

2. Department of Arts and Design

Art and Architecture play an important role in the development of culture and civilization of a nation. The Faculty of Architecture, Naresuan University, has engaged in nurturing quality architects and designers since our founding days. All programs offered in our Faculty are directed toward sustainability and sustainable development. The Faculty thrives to succeed in marrying practicality and theory through research and creative works. Our graduates are known to be creative, competent, and well sought after.

Master of Architecture programs are interdisciplinary research-based to be completed within two years. Research topics are geared towards the environment, architecture and sustainability. All Master of Architecture programs are available to both Thai and international students with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in architecture or other related fields. These are supervised in either Thai or English

Master of Fine and Applied Arts is a research-based program, which offers a wide range of art-based courses and formal research training modules, providing a systematic introduction in research skills. The philosophy of this program is to concentrate and to balance either local wisdoms or contemporary and modern arts. Applications of the research are integrated with aesthetic principles of art and design. A hybrid program is available in both Thai and English. International students can be supervised in English in line with his/her research interests.